Sunday, 25 January 2015

DIY Homemade Cat Food

Hi all..

I want to share a homemade cat food recipes which you can make it for your own lovely cat..

Cook food for your own cat will be more benefits which you will read at the end of my post.

It is a weekly routine for me to cook for my cats.

Every Sunday, early morning at 7.00 am I will start from home to the wet market in some fish, carrot, and also dry jelly..

Once I have the ingredients above i can start to prepare it as below;

1.  Clean the fish as clean as possible

2.  Clean the carrot and cut it into small pieces.
3. Boil the fish  together with the carrot until fully cooked

4. Once cooked separate fish and carrot into different dish. Keep the boil water.
5. Then, separated the boiled fish into flesh and bones. Keep the fish bone.
6. Then blend the carrot and pour it into fish flesh. Smash it together as shown in photo. Some people prefer blend the fish flesh together with carrot (or spinach) but for me i more prefer to smash it for better cat taste.

7. Then, blend the fish bones together with the boiled water which keep earlier.

8. After blend it, filter the fish bones and blend water. Pour the blend water into the boiler pan. You can blend the fish bone for 3 times and filter it.

9. Cooked the filtered blend fish bones with the jelly powder. (I'm use half packet for 3 kilo fish). Cooked until the jelly powder mix well with water.

10. Once the mix well, pour the smashed fish flesh with carrot into the ingredients. Cook for 10 minutes.

 11. Pour into containers and lets it cool in the refrigerator before serve to your cats.


I'm used;
  • 3 kg fish (small)
  • 1 medium size carrot
  • 1/2 packet jelly powder


  • you know what is the ingredients inside the food. for sure you want your cat to be in health you will put a good things inside the food.
  • Rather than buy a cat food in a tin container for our cat we don't know what is the ingredients inside the food. Is it the best quality?



  • 3kg  fish sardine (small)           
           =     RM   9.00/3kg
  • 1 medium size carrot                
           =     RM   0.30/unit
  • 1/2 packet jelly powder            
           =     RM   2.10/packet
  • Total cost                                  
          =     RM   11.40/cook
  • 1 cat food container                       
           =      RM4.00
  • 7 cat food container for 1 week  
          =      RM28.00/week
  • I save per week          
          =     RM  16.60/week
  • I save per month       
          =      RM  66.40/month
  • I save per year         
          =      RM  796.80/year



Saturday, 20 September 2014

How to train your cat eat at their on bowl?

If you have more than one cat, you might see your cat eat at other cat bowl even you have prepared the food for them accordingly.

If this happened, it might caused the other cat frustrated and go away. So, we have to stop this kind of behavior.

I have this experienced when I start to adopt Acik my 2nd cat and Kiki my 3rd cat. My way  to train and make them discipline eat at their own bowl as follows;

  •  Prepare 3 bowls if you have 3 cats for sure .. :p
  • While they are eating at first you have to sit and wait to see they behavior.
  • If they eat other cat bowl, pick him up and put him to his original place.
  • If this happens again you have to repeat above action until they understand.
  • Well, it works for me, now my 3 cats are very discipline eating in their own bowl
  • Unless, one of them go away not finish the food some of them will finish it.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Abu The Stray Cat

Story ni dah lame...tapi baru ade kesempatan nak tulis.."Abu The Stray Cat"..

Abu ni kucing gelandangan...selalu datang rumah minta makan...tapi kebelakangan ni kalau malam je memang port tido die dekat porch kereta.. dua tiga hari ni tengok abu mcm teruk je penyakit kurap die ni..tak nampak pon macam nak sembuh.. macam lagi parah ade la..

So..tunggu si Abu ni semalam nak bawak pergi vet..Dapat info dekat vet kamunting cucuk kurap sekali RM15.00..tak adalah mahal..Kate doktor kurap Abu ni dah teruk..kene cucuk 2-3 kali untuk cepat sembuh..

lepas cucuk Abu boleh je dilepaskan macam biase..tapi kene tengok-tengok keadaan die..

sebenarnya Abu ni sangat comel waktu dia sihat..sekarang Abu dalam process recovery. nanti bile Abu dah hensem saya akan post entry baru untuk Abu...yang penting doakan abu cpt sembuh dan hensem semula..

Monday, 15 September 2014

DIY Hammock For Cat

Happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysian…it is 16th September today. Every year we will celebrate this day to remember the prosperous of what we have now in our country. I am blessed to be Malaysian and born in Islam.. Alhamdulillah..

I will share with you guys my new DIY project a " Cat Hammock". This hammock you can hang it or tie it inside the cat cage/underneath the table/underneath the chair/any. Depends or your creativity.
If I buy the hammock it will cost me minimum around RM25 (based on review at pet shop nearby). So, it is better to make one and made it by yourself.

For this project I only need;
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Fabrics
  • Basic sewing equipment for measurement, cutting and sewing process
Yes you can put a round hanger at the end of the rope. It will ease you to hang the hammock inside the cage. I’m not using the round hanger since my cat almost living indoor.

Lovely hammock made above, I like it as my cats love it. Especially Kiki, she the one who always used this. Sleeping and dreaming inside the hammock…Come on make one for your lovely cat. They will love you more…

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Simple Mini Pizza Recepi

Ni resepi mini pizza yang mudah dan cepat..tak payah nak buat doh pizza..boleh guna roti biasa ganti untuk doh..kat bawah kita share how to made this easy simple mini pizza..

  • Wholemeal bread (brand gardenia or any)
  • Sauce Chili
  • Margarine
  • Green pepper (slice)
  • Boiled hot dog (slice)
  • Onion (slice)
  • Button mushroom (slice)
  • Carrot (slice)
  • Shredded Mozzarella 
  • Cheese slices(optional)
  • Mayonnaise (optional)

Simple steps:
  1. Spreed margarine and follow by sauce chili on bread surface
  2. Put hot dog which slice earlier. Instead of hot dog you can use others depends on your tends such chicken or sardine.
  3. Then follow with sliced onion, sliced green pepper, sliced carrot and sliced button mushroom
  4. Put the shredded mozzarella on top of the ingredients.
  5. To make your mini pizza taste better put some mayonnaise and cheese slice and follow by shredded mozzarella.
  6. Put your mini pizza into oven with 120-150C within 15-20 minutes.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Cat cage

I had bought a cage for my 2 cats. This cage was bought before I started to adopt Kiki. Anyway now I have 3 cats to take care. I bought the cage with RM315.00 price.

Cat cage properties;
  • Dimension  (91x60x148)cm 
  • Material: iron with surface treatment - (surface treatment to prevent cage become rusty)
  • 2 tiers with 2 platform 
  • With 4 wheels
  • Cage cannot be fold. Have to screw/unscrew using Allen key
  • 12 screws and 1 allen key provided
  • 1 tray collector provided
  • 2 door opening easy to open and close (see photo)
  • Cage structure strong
Cage review:

  • Material will not rusty and can be keep for a long time
  • Cage is a strong build, while your cat is climbing up and down it will be more stiffer and convenient
  • Surface treatment with a pattern your cage look expensive and neat
  • Comfortable for 1 or two large cats / 3-4 kittens
  • Buy a cage you can avoid from sending them to the cat hotel. You can keep an eye on them. Therefore, your holiday will be more calm without thinking about your cat condition.
  • Save your pocket money no need to pay for cat hotel renting. Only one time you spend your money and you can use it for a long time.
  • If your cat is an indoor cat. Sometimes you can put them into the cage outside of your house. Let them taste the breathe of fresh air, chirping of birds, meeting people outside of your house, meeting other cats or animal or etc. This can reduce their stress while staying too long inside the house. I like to do this in weekends and I can see their interest of different environment.
  • If you unscrew the cage by pieces, all pieces can be put inside a Myvi car.

  • Big cage might be expensive for certain people. But if you buy the right one it will be worth it
  • The cage i bought can't be fold. Need to screw/unscrew using Allen key. Its a messy job. However, i choose this type because it's more stiffer compared to fold type
  • If your Allen key missing it is trouble some.Please remember the Allen key size for the cage.
  • Of course if you have one cage, you need to maintain the cage keep cleaning the cage to prevent unpleasant smell or discomfort to your cat.
  • Need to find proper drinking & food container to your cat to prevent water and food mix with the cat sand.

large door opening you can easily insert and take out your cat

 2 large doors provided (ignore the top cage ;p)

I'm satisfied with my investment to this cage and my 2 adult cats look comfortable staying inside the cage.
With strong and non-rusty material build for this cage, cage look firm and long lasting use.

Overall rating : 4/5 stars

My New Passion My New Buddies

Introduce my new three cats loves them XOXO...

             Acik                     Kiki                                  Ajibon